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7-1/4 Miter Saw Reviews

A miter saw is a valuable and efficient tool for cutting pieces of wood at an angle. They are so popular because the blade allows you to make quick work of many different angles and cuts, unlike a table or circular saw that would have to be adjusted each time.

However, not all miter saws are created equal. That’s why our experts have compiled this comprehensive list of the Best Compact Sliding 7 1/4 Miter Saw. We hope it helps you find the perfect one to fit your needs.


A miter saw is a traditional tool commonly used to mark and make precise crosscuts and miters in a wood piece by placing the blade onto a wood board. A miter saw earlier consisted of a saw in a miter box; however, now they are powered by a battery or motor that you can use at a variety of angles.

In the case of a compact miter saw, it is the type that falls under a 10-inch blade diameter. These are fantastic tools that you can use for smaller tasks. A compact miter saw or 7 ¼ sliding miter saw can still be used to make 12 inches cross-cut on 2x piece despite their compact dimensions. The best part about these tiny power tools: They are functional same as well-sized ones.


It is vital to trim the factory end of a wood piece or board before measuring and cutting parts for a better fit. This will prevent you from sanding, which can be time-consuming, especially when working on complex shapes.

1. Never force the blade through the material.
2. More teeth mean uniformity in your cuts. Use a saw blade with at least 50 teeth.
3. Try to trim one angle before cutting the opposite end.


1. KOBALT 7-1/4

Best Overall Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Kobalt 7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Blade Size: 7 1/4 in
RPM: 5,000 RPM
Weight: ‎29.1 pounds
Max Angle Cut: Miter cuts up to 50 degrees left
Max Bevel Cut: up to 47 degrees to the left, positive 45 degrees
Vertical Capacity: 2-in x 8-inches
Laser /Light: Yes
Battery Voltage: ‎1 Lithium-ion battery needed


The lightweight Kobalt 7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw is perfect for moving from one location to another. It can cut wood with ease, and the smaller bite of dust will help you avoid breathing in harmful fumes like other saws might produce when operating.

This sliding compact saw by Kobalt can handle all sorts of tasks, including chopping and precise cutting of wood pieces. Furthermore, it features efficient sliding and gridding capacity as well.

While testing the device, we could handle it effortlessly and cut large woods and chipboards without much strain and exertion. It also has a double slide rail framework with a vertical direction for smooth functioning and precise cutting.

However, you need to make sure and understand the length that you want to cut. Keep in mind, a 7.5 in. sharp edge will not cut higher than the 2×4″. It will cut 2X when you use it on the ground.

Moreover, this sharp edge saw features a lightweight Aluminum design, and overall the built quality is reliable and highly durable.

In the end, if you were looking for a reliable and lightweight, compact miter saw, this one is perfect for you, and you can use it for a variety of tasks.

You can use this sliding compact miter saw to cut the interior molding. However, the saw is not designed for heavy-duty projects. However, it is the best 7 ¼ miter saw for home crafts and minor home improvement and DIY projects.

What We like

  • The best laser-guided sliding miter saw at an affordable price.
  • Gives you precise 90-degree cuts (or your chosen angle), and it is consistent while cutting.
  • The saw’s slide mechanism is seamless and smooth.

What We Don’t

  • Sawdust particles fly while using it despite the bag.

2. Dewalt DCS361M1

Miter Saw Perfect For Home Owners

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw, Cordless (DCS361M1)

Blade Size: 7-1/4″
RPM: 4,100 RPM
Weight: 36 Pounds
Max Angle Cut: 5-1/2″
Max Bevel Cut: 2X8
Vertical Capacity: 3-1/2″
Horizontal Capacity: 8″
Laser /Light: Yes
Battery Voltage: 20V


If you want a compact and lightweight miter saw, look no further than DEWALT’s newest addition. The 20V Max 7-1/4 inch model has been designed with a sliding framework that allows it to be easily controlled from afar or when working on tight corners, thanks to their 90-degree angle blade cuts.

However, your cutting area will be limited with this DEWALT saw to 2x material, but still, its cross-cutting capacity is up to the mark due to the sliding mechanism. Despite the restriction, you can work on and slice up to 2 x 8 pieces. This range is more than enough for DYI users, flooring work, and minor wood cutting works.

Moreover, the saw features a durable cast metal base to keep it in place, and you can also mount the device onto a stand if you want. On its backside, you will find a three-pronged angle locking handle which allows for comfortable grip.

The DEWALT cordless miter saw is designed to reduce the weight when working on your projects, so you have less strain on yourself. It has a flexible miter, and angle stops that you can move if they are getting in your way while working. Plus, it has detent stops for precise measurements without sacrificing usability.

Lastly, the XPS LED light is nicely integrated to make things easier. The light is bright enough and lets you carry out your tasks in the dark.

This DEWALT miter saw is the ideal device for household projects. Portability and accuracy are its key selling points. You can use this saw for various home projects, to cut pine boards, minor flooring works, and a lot more.

What We like

  • Features cam-lock miter handle.
  • Simple to handle, even for beginners.
  • Offers quick and precise miter angles.

What We Don’t

  • Default blade sometimes provides rough edges.

3. Ryobi P551

Best Saw For Stationary Use

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 7-1/4 in. Cordless Miter Saw – P551 (Tool Only) by Ryobi

Blade Size: 7 1/4 Inch
RPM: 4500 RPM
Weight: 20 Pounds
Max Angle Cut: Miters 47° left and right
Max Bevel Cut: 45° left and 45° right
Vertical Capacity: Up to 2×4 cutting capacity
Laser /Light: Yes
Battery Voltage: 18 V Battery


Ryobi’s newest product, the miter saw, is a powerful tool for any woodworker. It has an adjustable blade to cut at various angles, and it comes with 100% laser precision. This affordable solution will make your DIY projects easier than ever before.

This Ryobi miter saw will make your projects go smoothly with its 100% precise single file laser projection feature, 24 toothed carbide tip blade, and bevel adjustable anywhere from 0-45 degrees.

This product makes it easy to cut different sizes of wood with the same blade, whether you are making bookshelves or cabinets. It has a heavy-duty motor that operates at 9 amp speed for cutting durability and power – this saw can get through 5800 RPM, so your projects will be done in no time.

Moreover, this lightweight and compact saw weigh around 20 pounds. Plus, it has an ergonomic handle for easy carrying, which comes with trigger access.

This tool has a carbide-tipped blade with up to 2 x 4 cutting capacity, making it perfect for any home handyman. The miter angle stops allow you accurate cuts on your projects no matter what material they are being done in or how much an area needs attention. Moreover, the saw comes with nine-ball detent stops to ensure even the most brutal miter cuts at horizontal and vertical angles.

Lastly, the saw also features an adjustable exact line laser light that enables you to work at night with precise cuts. Replacing the saw’s blade is quick using a wrench, whereas it also has a spindle lock that further makes things easier.

This Ryobi cordless miter saw is suitable for various materials. You can use it to cut aluminum, copper, wood, etc. Besides, this is the best miter saw for new contractors and DYI woodworkers.

What We like

  • Includes 24 toothed carbide edges/tips.
  • Miter and bevel cuts are adjustable 0 to 45 degrees.
  • Includes 100% precise single file laser projection for precise cutting.

What We Don’t

  • Build quality could have been better.

4. Craftsman CMCS714M1

Best Miter Saw For Beginners

CRAFTSMAN V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit, Cordless (CMCS714M1

Blade Size: ‎4 Inches
RPM: 3,800 RPM motor
Weight: ‎21.8 pounds
Max Angle Cut: up to 47 degrees both left and right
Max Bevel Cut: Single
Vertical Capacity: 3.5 Inch
Laser /Light: LED Light
Battery Ah: 4.0 Ah


Next on the list, we have another leading product by none other than the Craftsman. This craftsman v20 7-1/4 inch sliding miter saw kit features a powerful 800 rpm motor, and it is perfect for cutting hardwoods, baseboard trimming, or 2x dimensional lumber. Besides, the high-quality blades on this gadget will help crosscut capacity (up to 8 inches).

Furthermore, the saw’s blades are sharp, and accuracy is matchless. Moreover, the saw’s sliding capacity is much than the others, and you can use it to cut both 90 and 45-degree angles.

Apart from it, it comes with nine-meter single and sharp edges that deliver the precise edge cuts no matter how tough is the project. The built-in side conveys grip makes this CRAFTSMAN V20 sliding miter saw exceptionally compact.

For your convenience, it comes equipped with an LED light to dispose of the shadows, and it assists you with various tasks. Due to this light, it delivers an accurate cut line. All things considered, the device is portable and simple to carry.

Lastly, you can use this 12-inch cutting-edge saw with the device instead of the normal 7 ¼, which will meet all of your needs. You will also get a wrench, carrying bag, lithium battery, and more with the purchase.

The tool is ideal for small and daily household tasks, while professionals who use a miter saw for molding and trimming work will also find it helpful.

What We like

  • Battery-powered with a smooth sliding mechanism.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Can deliver 585 cuts on a full charge.
  • Comes with a dust collection port.

What We Don’t

  • Only cuts the single bevel.

5. Makita XSL02Z

Best Miter Saw For Wood Workers

Makita XSL02Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 7-1/2″ Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw

Blade Size: 7 ½”
RPM: 5700 RPM
Weight: 29 Pounds
Max Angle Cut: 7-1/2″
Max Bevel Cut: 0-45° left and 0-5° right
Vertical Capacity: 2″ x 12″ at 90Degree
Horizontal Capacity: 2″ x 8″ at 45Degree
Laser /Light: No
Battery Voltage: Two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries
Battery Ah: 5.0 Ah


Makita XSL02Z is the right choice for many, especially those looking to purchase affordable power tools. This particular model offers up to 5700 RPM with fast and precise cuts that are made even more precise thanks to its large cutting capacity 2” x 12&” at 90 degrees or 2”x8 “at 45-degree angles. It also features four steel rail sliding systems which increase precision by four times over other models on the market today.

If you are after a portable yet powerful miter saw, then you need to consider this one. The device is compact and lightweight and effortless to move.

The latest cordless miter saw by Makita is designed for accurate cutting with minimal material waste. It features an upgraded motor that can generate up to 5700rpm and robust construction made of rigid plastic handlebars, and stainless steel supports on each side, so you can make precise cuts without damaging anything in between!.

Weighing around 29lbs with batteries, the saw is highly portable, plus you will also get a handy carrying case. The cutting width of around 26 inches is perfect to use on any cutting table, making it an excellent choice among portable miter saws.

Lastly, there’s no need to look for power sources as this cordless model can run entirely with its battery.

The Makita compact sliding miter saw is highly recommended for various DYI tasks, from woodworking and carpentry to different applications such as finishing, trimming, and flooring, and crown molding. In our opinion, the device is also ideal for mobile contractors as it has great cutting capacity.

What We like

  • Lightweight design and secure grip.
  • Minimal dust while using it.
  • Precise cuts.
  • Batteries included.

What We Don’t

  • A bit expensive

6. Milwaukee M18

Powerful Miter Saw

M18 Fuel, 7-1/4″, Dual Bevel, Sliding, Compound

Blade Size: ‎4 Inches
RPM: 5000
Weight: 35 Pounds
Max Angle Cut: 3-3/5 in x 9/10 in
Max Bevel Cut: Dual Bevel with 45° and 48° stops
Vertical Capacity: 3-1/2” Vertical Capacity
Horizontal Capacity: 2×8 Horizontal Capacity at 90°
Laser /Light: Only shadow cut line
Battery Ah: 5.0


The Milwaukee 2733-21 M18 is one of the best small miter saws on today’s market. With its ability to process different kinds of wood with precision and durability, this tool will never let you down when tackling large projects.

This is one of Milwaukee’s best 7 1/4 sliding miter saw that can take care of heavy-duty tasks without any problem. This 2-beveled twin bevel sliding compound miter saw has proven itself accurate enough while providing exemplary results within a smaller timeframe, so all users are guaranteed great performance.

The M18 fuel 7-1/4 inch sliding compound dual bevel miter saw weighs around 35 lbs. and is designed to enhance productivity with minimal wastage. The output, efficiency, accuracy, portability, and long-lasting 5.0Ah battery deliver the desired results on any job site and any task.

The M18 Dual Bevel Blade is the ultimate tool for any woodworker. Its dual-bevel functionality makes quick work of beveling pieces with precision cuts that you can’t wait to put on your project. This high-powered machine features a powerful brushless motor and Lithium XC5 battery, which provides 600+ throws per charge – perfect for getting things done quickly.

This tool is suitable to cut 10 to 12-inch thick wood pieces, plywood, and even plastic, without any abrasions, rough edges, or gashes. However, we missed the LED in this M18 instead; it comes with the shadow cut line that you can use as a reference for cutting.

The 2733-21 M18 saw glides smooth, and we recommend it for big household projects. Other than that, the device is also ideal for flooring works, trimming, installing decking, and a variety of other household tasks.

What We like

  • Features dual Bevel (stops at 45 and 48-degrees).
  • Delivers more than 600 Cuts on one charge.
  • Features Cam Locking for your safety.

What We Don’t

  • Heavier than the others.


  • A compound miter saw‘s blade can pivot from right to left, giving you the versatility of making angled cuts that are necessary for cutting picture frames and other items. With this pivoting ability along with beveled cut duties fulfilled by it too-not just straight lines.
  • A compound miter saw is a perfect tool for cutting pieces of wood that need cuts on two planes. With its stable platform and increased motion range, this powerful equipment can make tough jobs easier than ever before.
  • You can cut longer boards with the sliding miter saw. With rails equipped, you’ll be able to move them forward and backward while cutting across wide pieces of material that would otherwise not be possible on your normal woodworking machines.
  • However, these saws acquire more space compared with a compound miter saw which nicely fits in tight spaces. Besides, sliding saws are expensive than the compound miter saw.
  • A compound miter saw is an excellent choice for cutting angles on the fly. It’s especially great if you need to cut several pieces at once or quite large ones, as it will do quick work with little effort.
  • It may be worth considering investing in this type over time since they’re more versatile than sliding types and their blades are usually sharper too. In the end, which miter saw is right depends on your cutting and shaping needs.
  • For example, if your workshop requires more than just a simple cut or trim, we recommend getting the sliding variety as it can be set up easily without moving pieces around from one side to another.


You can find a variety of miter saws on the market. Before purchasing, however, make sure that you figure out what your needs are and then check out the below-mentioned features.

  • Does it fulfill your needs?

Every craftsman should understand the value of getting a good tool. Even if you are not an expert or professional, your decision to invest in quality equipment will greatly improve performance and longevity for future projects. Make sure that whatever choice is made reflects what type of project they’re working on. For example, contractors need heavy-duty compound miter saws while homeowners might only want something basic.

The point is you should invest in a durable saw that covers your needs and allows you to make precision cuts.

  • Power

A saw with average power will not be suitable for heavy tasks, and at some stage, you will be struggling with the device. Here we advise you to get a high-quality and powerful saw that you can use for various home and DIY projects. However, remember that power comes with a price. So keep your overall budget in mind.

  • Saw Blade Size

After buying the saw, you might get stuck with the default blade size. Plus, in some models, you cannot change the blade with any other. Here we recommend you review the product manual to determine the exact blade size. Look for the model that allows for blade replacement.

Remember that big blades make tasks easier and quicker, and you can make deeper cuts with them. However, Bigger blades acquire too much room, so check that before paying for any.

  • Precision 

You need to consider many notable factors when looking for the best compact miter saw, but accuracy is above all. Precision is the difference between getting your job done right or wrong. When it comes to accuracy, expensive or premium models are ideal for high-level jobs that need pinpoint precision, such as sawing through hardwood floors.

The level of accuracy mainly depends on the tasks and your job expertise. If you are involved in such tasks, opt for the compact miter saw with laser guides.

  • Portability

Obviously, lightweight devices are easy to carry and highly portable. If you need to carry your saw often, then look for a lightweight saw with carrying candles. However, ensure that it is durable enough to resist the harsh job site environment.

  • Dust Collection

Almost all compact miter saws come with a dust collector that prevents you from dust and waste particles. This also keeps the environment free of mess and saves you from various problems.

Many saw models have a dedicated dust collection area, so all the dust is accumulated into a basket. Besides, some compact miter saws have hoses that blow dust and air.

  • Cutting Ability

Do you know those saws that make precise cuts at different angles? Well, it’s essential to look for one with positive stops. The miter saw has several pre-designated positions that can help you make precise cuts without wasting time adjusting the angles.

It is essential to have a saw that locks in place so your cuts are accurate and the wood doesn’t move when you cut it. You want this for both safety reasons, but also because the movement can cause damage if there’s any vibration at all. Similarly, buy the model that you can rotate to the right and left.

  • Additional Features

Guide laser is another feature that you should look out for as it helps to make precise cuts. Some miter saws have bright digital displays to make things easier.


What is the lightest sliding miter saw?

The Ryobi miter saw weighs around 20 pounds, and it is the lightest sliding miter saw on the market.

How much do miter saws weigh?

The weight of the miter saw will vary depending on your model and brand. The average compact, lightweight model weighs about 20 to 35 pounds for a total package that’s easy enough for one person to move around.

What is the minimum board length to be cut any miter saw?

A saw with a 10-inch blade can make perfect right angles across boards 5 1/2 inches wide, which is enough for two by six lumber.

How do you use a mini miter saw?

1. The blade will cut where it contacts the material. When marking a board, extend your line across both sides of the wood to make sure that you are cutting in an even manner before starting up with the saw.

2. When cutting a piece of wood, try to keep half of the piece on the saw. If the board or table is too long, use scraps to support the machine and prevent overhanging. To save your time, consider mounting the saw on a stand that supports long stock.

3. Always place the stock near the fence or at the rear end of the saw base and firmly hold it. Try to hold the machine (or a clamp) at least 6 inches away from the saw blade. Then start the saw.

4. Always place your dominant hand on the handle and keep both your arms straight. Besides, ensure that your feet and back are in the correct posture.

5. Don’t cross your arms when using the saw.

6. When cutting through wood, please start at the top of your operating position and allow enough time before bringing it down into contact with any boards.

7. Follow this process so that you do not damage either yourself or anything else around since there is a potential risk involved in using power tools like saws.


This article has all the information that you need to find the best compact miter saw on your own. We hope that our reviews have helped narrow down your choices. If not, let us know what kind of help you’re looking for, and we’ll be more than happy to give some recommendations – or just go ahead and leave a comment below.

And if you are already in the market for other power tools, don’t forget there are plenty of great options right here on this blog too.